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2D Paintball development changelog.

v0.9.5 [6/29/21]

Added Online Teams creation system

Added Team Rosters and Team Management

Added Team Portal / Control Panel

Added Team Public/Private pages

Added Team "Clan Tags"

Added Team Applications (Free Agents)

Game style updates

Website style updates

v0.9.4 [6/10/21]

Misc quality of life updates

Website style updates

v0.9.3 [8/12/19]

New tournament map selections

Fixed matchmaking queue display bug

Website style updates

v0.9.2 [2/26/19]

Added bot team matchmaking

Server https support

Fixed user stats issue

Added a scoreboard note about swabbing

Backend API updates

Fixed a first round low fps issue

Website style updates

Game style updates

v0.9.1 [7/28/17]

Matchmaking stat fixes

Opening of 1v1 matchmaking

Rank/ELO Separation into Team and Solo

Game style updates

v0.9.0 Ranked Matchmaking Update [7/21/17]

Added Ranked Matchmaking + ELO system.

Added "Traded" event and recognition (when two players shoot eachother out at same time)

Added new Crosshairs feature and unlocks

Added a few new loadout/customization items and restructured many others

Added an audio file local cache (speed up future game loads)

Increased amount of maps defined as popular

Limited name display length on game field

Removed "select bot" spam when no bot available

Made bot pods dynamic for longer game modes

Fixed newsletter leaderboards

Modified AFK check due to to many false positives

Now opening the Loadout Stats does not select the item

Updated players profile match history layout to read better

Tied map picks are now randomly selected

Added Pagination and group selection to the Field Gallery

Added/adjusted some new gear/unlocks to player loadout

Revamped Teampicker and escape menu in-game

Made dynamic messages in game

Revamped game match log page

Refreshed Player Loadouts page / Layout UI updates

Website style updates

Game style updates

v0.8.6 [2/7/17]

StatTrack display fix

Game stats/logs bug fixes

Minor bot targeting tweaks

Website style updates

Game style updates

Server bug fixes

v0.8.5 [1/24/17]

Created Gun Proficiency system! (Gun stats + XP bonuses to level up each gun!)

Added StatTrack system for all types of guns

Added new markers, masks, packs (which also affects pods and player speed), barrels, hoppers, and tanks!

Added many more markers + special StatTrack markers. (SUPER Thanks to NoahDBoss!)

Added new supporter Perks + new Perks page

Added a minimum time allowance to being kicked to spectate

Server paintball related crash fix

Updated "ping" of players who shot you to be more visible

Stat category separation + new leaderboard options

Created VIP and Contributor system

Created an onload game interstitial (+pick teams)

Added timestamp to in-game chat and logs

Added different round lengths

Website style updates

Game style updates

Editor bug fixes

Server bug fixes

v0.8.4 [12/23/16]

Fixed on room crash always reloading players into playing state

Fixed slow loading on Join/Play-Now page

Fixed player hit splats not showing/disappearing rather than fading

Tweaked ball render and size

Tournaments now use smaller (original) paintball size, adding to tournament difficulty

Changed game logic so draws vs bot only teams is now a loss + added warning text notification

Website style updates

Minor game style updates

v0.8.3 [12/15/16]

Updated field editor to rebuild from center out on field size dimension changes

Added default drop down of recommended field sizes to field editor

Website style updates and fixes

v0.8.2 [10/30/16]

Speed up game select page load

Updated bots to target any player on field

Fixed deathmatch games always showing up as a loss

Fixed tournament hangup bug

Fixed trophy display bug

New tournament mode - A.I. play / fill brackets

Update paintball bullet render size by 25%

Player previews now also display what marker, hopper, and barrel the player is currently using.

Game style updates

Server updates

v0.8.1 [6/23/16]

Made it so if the game is in the background it does not batch the sounds

Added a sanity check to the impedance system

Fixed bug when a dead player leaves a match the bot is active

Fixed bug in chat system, if you changed your pass it would not login

Fix for spectators getting stats for a game

Fix deathmatch showing incorrect winners

Removed exp hindrance from deathmatch

Website style updates

Game style updates

Server updates

v0.8.0 [6/15/16]

New Team Deathmatch game mode!

Added new gun, hopper, & barrel pixel art (SUPER Thanks to Jim!)

Created a map group system for multiple separate map selections

Found a bug with possible lost clicks and button events

Re-design player loadout selection

Added preview sound to gun and hopper select

Created lag smoothing and impedance system

Added display of remaining daily bonuses (Thanks NoahDBoss!)

Created weekly news/stats email

Added a notification to map creators when their map is approved for rotation

Fixed bug where you would takeover multiple bots

Fixed and instance where your team will chose you as a target

Fixed Leaderboard stats bug (kills, deaths, and kdr)

Website style updates

Server updates

v0.7.9 [5/10/16]

New tutorial video

Bots now sprint closer to their bunkers off the break

Bots can now be configured to play crouched bunkers

Website style updates

Game style updates

Server updates

v0.7.8 [4/27/16]

Fixed shooting through stacked bunkers bug

Fixed a few invalid map test server crash issues

AI will only take over during active play

AI takeover bots will now move to the closest unused position

Bot will now predict movement to better hit you on the run

Added a minimal player breathing animation

Added new gun sound

Updated / Optimized chat lobby to use websockets

Render speed updates / results in better FPS

Server updates

v0.7.7 [3/19/16]

Added pump tournaments

Bots will now use pump gun sounds when playing with a pump gun

Fixed field editor "flicker" issues

Fixed field editor saving bad images

Bots now take over a player when they abandon the game

v0.7.6 [3/17/16]

Added a pump gun

Added StatTrack for pump gun

Added a recent top games leaderboard ticker

Added a higher score modifier for shooting players over bots

Removed the quick join and spectate buttons from tournaments

Restyled the game to be in the center of the screen

Updated map selector to display more maps

Sorted player maps in most recent order

Fixed time display error (always showing :02 for the minutes)

Fixed bug where the tournament notifier would ding at you when you where done early

Updated tournament fields to play the same (team size and bot fill) before the tournament

Game style updates

Website/Mobile style updates (new mobile menu & mobile homepage)

Server updates

v0.7.5 [3/8/16]

Fixed Anon's seeing Registered on all tournaments

Field paint now degrades into field on round end

Reordered layout to make rooms more available

Removed new quick links from anon's in unavailable rooms

Added spectators to the room overlay

Website style updates

Server updates

v0.7.4 [3/7/16]

Fixed Anon's seeing Signup on available rooms

Fix for leaderboard displaying people not in game

Fix to remove queue jumpers

Implemented a queue position display

Fixed broken /uptime command

Added ingame chat /help command

Added quick Spectate and Join game links

Server restarts should now remember your spectating status

Website style updates

Server updates

v0.7.3 [3/6/16]

Updated tournament display to support bot fill

XP Gained added to end match leaderboard progress

Fix for bad "bunker loading" on room restarts

Added local timezone display for tournaments

Added displaying of gained XP on match end

Added donator priority for test servers

Fixed broken Field Editor

Fixed bunker collisions on edges of map

Added display of users in active rooms

Game style updates

Website style updates

v0.7.2 [3/4/16]

Change to update cache cleaner system

New in-game tutorial image for new and anon players

Tutorial now has easy access button for new or anon players

Bot fill tournaments now implemented

Sighlines now don't show for players in queue

In game audio setting is now remembered

Fixed the tournament notification bug

Fixed bug where crouching players can spot through short bunkers in Sightlines

Fixed XP bonus modifiers to being additive rather then multiplicative

Game style updates

Website style updates

v0.7.1 [3/2/16]

Added secondary checks to close map picker

Added toggleable Sightlines orb in editor

Added tutorial to the ingame menu

Updated Sightlines logic to notice and ping from spotting the edge of a player

Teammate names added to global view in Sightlines

Added a "Public Test Room" system, to allow map testing and "unofficial/unapproved" map play

Added XP bonus modifier system (Daily's, Sightlines, Tournaments)

Fixed player preview bug

Fixed a few notification bugs

Website style updates (new homepage hero)

v0.7.0 Sightline Update [2/22/16]

Created a Line of Sight mechanic. "Sightlines"

Added a rounded bunker option to the map editor and made as default

Updated dorito size calculations to be proper

Fixed single quotes in map names becoming un-editable

Fixed bug with invalid teams getting tournament notifications

Tournament room now shows proper status when registration is closed

Disabled playability during map selection (causing stats bug)

Fixed Anon's first join game load to display correctly

X-Ball archive updates

Website style updates

v0.6.8 [2/5/16]

Fixed paint hanging on players through the next round

Implemented paint fading on players from round to round

Possible fix to erroneous "server crash" issue

Fixed AFK in queue change

Added bot takeover event

Updated sort order of tournament rooms

Added player pack & pack color customization

Added player's custom scattered pod's and paint to player preview's

Fixed bug in ping display over 255

Fixed gibberish in chat/lobby room when certain characters were used

Added detailed info to the tournament room display

New homepage hero video (Thanks Peanut!)

Website/Mobile style updates (Login & User pages now supported on mobile)

v0.6.7 Notification Update [1/27/16]

Fixed the error'd player on joining a field (game ending too soon)

Added a chime to the tournament short time notice

Added a whistle to when you are playing next in a tournament

Added a notice in the brackets about your current tournament status

Added in-game notification for upcoming tournament

Added SMS and Email notification system for tournaments

Added link to tournament match game

Added minimum distance to the velocity bounce check

Added afk check in tournaments

Fixed a few cases where the bots would play without active players

Updated field editor to now select closest object

Website style updates

v0.6.6 [1/17/16]

Added display on game select page

Added min-level setting to rooms

Fixed tournament trophy handout and displaying

v0.6.5 [1/14/16]

Added tournament button to room information

Added tournament alternate notice and text

Added server tick variance, client update variance, and server work% to stat box

Fixed "slow at start of game" bug

Display registered teams in tournament list

Added server to tournament list and page

You can now leave a 1v1 tournament

Fixed crouch speed to take reloading/swabbing max speed

Added trophy icon to tournament games in match log

Shortened tournament wait time for empty/un-full teams

Website style updates

v0.6.4 [1/10/16]

Ingame Quit now sends you to game select page

Fixed limitation bypass on tournament team joining

Alternated player names in spectate and queue to avoid overlap

Added 3rd and 1st place rows to brackets

Added 20 character limitation to team name and team display (Thanks? Stanislav2000)

Prioritized reload and swabbing over shooting/ramping

Website style updates

v0.6.3 [1/9/16]

Added ramping option to servers

Initial Teams Tournament test code

Added tournament scheduler

Swab and reload now exclusive

Speed reduction while swabbing and reloading

Added limitations to top leaderboards

Fixed player level not displaying in leaderboards

Bots will no longer "spam fire" if they run out of paint

Fixed rooms list to have full live correct information

Spectator position overload fix

Added tournament results to in-game bracket

Added tournament notification header and check to site

Fixed error in password recover

Test and actually implement "Clear messages on bot takeover"

Website style updates

v0.6.2 [1/2/16]

Initial Trophy implementation

Initial Singles Tournament test code

In game chat command system implemented

Added field gallery sorting options

Added created and edited dates to maps

Added score to game info

Added more stats as well as time frames to leaderboard

Removed empty maps section from profiles

Cleaned up some bad game stat logic

Added creator map link to game leaderboard

Flair displayed in game leaderboard

Clear messages on bot takeover (Thanks tyronejk!)

Website style updates

v0.6.1 [11/29/15]

Login assistance (reset password)

Top player leaderboards

Added a "King of the hill" (winning team stays in) game mode

Restructured flair code interface

Team queues and team switching

Updates to room reload mechanic

Sign-up bug fixed

New top donators list in donation page

New dropped frames metric

Net hit calculations tweaked

Level unlock display fixed in header

Website style updates

v0.6.0 [11/16/15]

Sound overhaul / New audio profile (tons of new sounds!)

Added a lot of new content (hoppers, guns, shell colors, paint fills)

Firefox support

Added paintball fill color customizer

Bots are now slightly customized in appearance and guns

Implemented item unlock text when leveling

Continued bitcode data encoding (bandwidth update)

Fixed so that everyone gets the AI takeover update

Fixed issue clicking users on leaderboard

Website style updates

v0.5.8 [11/5/15]

Updated personal audio profile

Possible "rogue AI" bug fix

Fixed bug with saving users settings

Updated turf images to proper size/fidelity

Updated player settings in game to not be hidden behind menu (Thanks DK!)

Website style updates

v0.5.7 [11/3/15]

Swapped paint and messages with taken over AI

Removed AFK check from queued players

Possible queueing and "dead but hitable" player fix

Website style updates

v0.5.6 [11/1/15]

Leveling and XP progression with item unlocks + new content!

Altered ball flight mechanic over short bunkers to scale based on distance

Added "bunkering" over close/short bunkers

Added lobby chat system

Added "who hit me" indicator

Fixed getting hit through crouched bunkers

Fixed names disappearing bug

Updated AFK mechanics

Select game images will now update live

Added popular tag and "In Rotation" list to field gallery

Added support for 1v1 - 10v10 maps

Removal of loadout system

Rebuild of end of game leaderboard

Added gun barrel color customizations

Added pod color customizations

Added other gun sounds

Anon users get limited field access

Fixed bunker layering bug

Website style updates

Server stability fixes

v0.5.5 [10/27/15]

Fixed leaderboard placing issue

Fixed bug in AFK check

Fixed bot swab

Added some server "rogue user/player" checks

Website style updates

v0.5.4 [10/25/15]

Added "flair" system

Added both team previews with name and flair

Altered shot accuracy/velocity algorithm

Fixed quit button asking to leave game

Fixed spectator position on map change

Changed initial "play on" time from 1 second to 0.5 seconds.

Added a AFK check to kick to spectator

Ability to switch from spectator to queue and back, in game

Fix in place for spectator collisions

Added adjustable size/peek distance to bot positions in field editor

Automatic popular map updating (7 day rolling)

Version based auto code de-cacher

Clean up of current map vote

Website style updates

Server stability fixes

v0.5.3 [10/21/15]

Map picker

Donation page

Update shell colors

Added server, room, and map to leaderboard

Notice/News system on game select page

Added bot rank to game stats page

Added player preview to settings page

Allow users to login with either username or email

Editor now has some lower bunker color/contrast control

Server crash notification and reload fix

v0.5.2 [10/16/15]

New German Server!

Removed the visibility of anon profiles

Overlay auto-scrolls updated

Update to allowed username's and profile url

Fix bug with resetting empty rooms

Website style updates

Server stability fixes

v0.5.1 [10/14/15]

Field editor color bug on load

Fix for incorrect active player numbers

Score now sends to new players on load

Bunker render order now the same in field as editor

65k score issue fixed

When last person leaves game with someone in queue, game reloads

Close window alert does not trigger on intended location change

v0.5.0 [10/13/15]

Field Editor!

New Multiplayer Fields

Dynamic bunker color system

New East Coast Server!

System notifications on player join and exit

Added ping to leaderboard

Added "flash" indication on screen when a bounce is received

Removed spectators from end game stats

Fix Spectator game initiation bug

Fix AI rank display bug

Fix reload logic bug

Website style updates

Server stability fixes

Fixed a bug with the end of round kills, deaths, and K/D numbers (thanks MuscleP4nda!)

v0.4.8 [9/27/15]

Broke out game code

Created basic A.I. difficulty variation

Added more rooms

Saving experience to user as well as user level

Feedback information update

Created initial profile and game pages

Website style updates

Server stability fixes

Fix an issue where your shots would survive the round into the next round (thanks Cwills!)

v0.4.7 [9/22/15]

X-ball pc game hosting page added

Updated homepage with new video/images thumbs

Website style tweaks

v0.4.6 [9/21/15]

Removed bug with "sprint jumping"

Cursor aiming bug updated

Remember me added to login

Player pods added, both on player and on ground


Field Lines

Client audio/ball crash possible fixes

Server stability fixes

v0.4.5 [9/17/15]

Sanity reload check (if you have over 2/3 of your pod left, it won't reload on single tap. Double Press to force-reload if your pod is over 2/3 full.)

AI now prioritizes and targets the 3 closest enemy players

Name positions and colors updated for style and clarity

Your player name is now White

Separated spectator and player number counts

Added In game server crash notification and recovery

Separated player chat and system notifications in chat/menu interface

Updated color of hits notifications in chat

Website style updates

Server stability fixes

v0.4.4 [9/12/15]

Massive network improvement (moved main data broadcast to byte encoded)

In game chat system

Hit logs in chat

Update to player tick architecture

Spectator Mode

Updating "play on" logic (that more you get hit, the shorter your play on)

Stability fixes

Website style tweaks

Creation of changelog page

v0.4.3 [9/10/15]

Threading of all DB calls to avoid game hitches

Walkback tweaks

Website style tweaks

Stability fixes

v0.4.2 [9/9/15]

Player loadout fix

Website style tweaks

Stability fixes

v0.4.1 [9/4/15]

Swap with AI players after out

Win condition fix

Website style tweaks

Stability fixes

v0.4.0 [9/3/15] *Public alpha release

Implementation of AI

Sprint used only when moving

v0.3 [Pre-release]

Java Multi-player Server migration

v0.2 [Pre-release]

PHP Multi-player Server creation

v0.1 [Pre-release]

Initial single player alpha release

Alpha Testing

Bugs: The game is in alpha. This means random issues may occur (server freezing, rogue bots, and general mayhem.) If you run into any issues, please be patient and send some feedback through our Feedback Button , this will help us track and fix the issues as fast as possible.

Lag: Currently the game is very ping dependent for smoothness in gameplay. If you get 150+ ping to the server, have bad internet, are streaming/downloading anything in the background (or if anyone on your network is) you may have a degraded playing experience (stuttering/lag)
The gameplay should feel perfectly smooth if you get <= 90ms Ping with 60+ FPS (Refer to netgraph at top right of in-game screen.)

Features: During alpha, features, interfaces, systems, and gameplay mechanics may change drastically. We incourage suggestions and Feedback