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Friday Night Fight #29

4v4 Single elimination Random Seed Race to 3

Was only 17 (3man) 8 team limit

Tournament must be 50% full to receive trophies.
1st Place
Texas Phalanx
2nd Place
Paintball Explosion
3rd Place
Tournaments are a challenge! Receive x5 Bonus XP on all tournament matches! Team up and/or challenge others! Win trophies for your profile!

Registered Teams 4v4 2 humans max per team

6 players registered

Team Players Status
Texas Phalanx (Captain) Texas_Phalanx40 + (Bot-2) + (Bot-3) + (Bot-4) Locked
Paintball Explosion (Captain) GavinB (Player) Anon-3675 + (Bot-3) + (Bot-4) Locked
Mikes Paintball (Captain) paintballfan11 + (Bot-2) + (Bot-3) + (Bot-4) Locked
Amsterdam Notorious (Captain) Anon-7381 + (Bot-2) + (Bot-3) + (Bot-4) Locked
ASDF (Captain) Anon-8908 + (Bot-2) + (Bot-3) + (Bot-4) Locked

Tournament Results

Place Team / Players
Texas Phalanx / Texas_Phalanx40
Paintball Explosion / GavinB, Anon-3675
ASDF / Anon-8908
4th Mikes Paintball / paintballfan11
Participant Amsterdam Notorious / Anon-7381

Tournament Bracket

  • ASDF
  • Match #1
  • Bye Forfeit
  • Texas Phalanx
  • Match #2
  • Amsterdam Notorious Forfeit
  • Paintball Explosion
  • Match #3
  • Bye Forfeit
  • Mikes Paintball
  • Match #4
  • Bye Forfeit
  • ASDF Forfeit
  • Match #5
  • Texas Phalanx
  • Paintball Explosion
  • Match #6
  • Mikes Paintball Forfeit
  • Texas Phalanx
  • Match #8
  • Paintball Explosion Forfeit
  • Texas Phalanx

Consolation Match

  • ASDF
  • Match #7
  • Mikes Paintball Forfeit
  • ASDF

Alpha Testing

Bugs: The game is in alpha. This means random issues may occur (server freezing, rogue bots, and general mayhem.) If you run into any issues, please be patient and send some feedback through our Feedback Button , this will help us track and fix the issues as fast as possible.

Lag: Currently the game is very ping dependent for smoothness in gameplay. If you get 150+ ping to the server, have bad internet, are streaming/downloading anything in the background (or if anyone on your network is) you may have a degraded playing experience (stuttering/lag)
The gameplay should feel perfectly smooth if you get <= 90ms Ping with 60+ FPS (Refer to netgraph at top right of game screen.)

Features: During alpha, features, interfaces, systems, and gameplay mechanics may change drastically. We incourage suggestions and Feedback